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Hmm. I don't know how you could find me ...

...but it's great, and I am pleased to welcome you on my website.
I think it would be better, that I first introduce myself.

Okay: My name is Joachim Schick, but all my friends call me Josch !

First I want to say sorry for my english. Please be merciful.

… and because you are finally here now, lean back, relax and get an lasting impression of that, what affects my life in such a way and of course also from me.

Behind the menu - points you will find some useful information and because photography is my hobby, of course I added also a quantity of my photos here.
If you like them, feel free to download them.

Of course you will not miss a guestbook here.

Have a look at the entries, better than this: leave your footprints in there!

In addition I am pleased about each feedback.

Oki. I wish you much fun on my homepage.

See ya



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