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For nearly eight years I screw at these pages and owing to your numerous mails, provided with criticism and praise, it was possible to build a nice homepage.

So that over this time the memories do not fade, there is here the column "Historie".

To reread for all, what changed at these sides. Please write me further your ideas, suggestions and criticisms.

Further much fun with surfing.



On 09. October 2011new pictures in the category "Newest Uploads".
On 09. October 2011"Newest Uploads" was inserted in galleries.
On 15. September 2011 new pictures in the category macros.
On 19. August 2011 new pictures into the categories summer vacation and animals.
On 25. July 2011 new pictures in the category animals.
On 19. May 2011 new left with the Businesses Pages.
On 15. May 2011 new pictures in the category animals.
On 05. April 2011 new pictures in the category architecture.
On 03. April 2011 changed categories in the gallery.
On 12. March 2011 new category "Take part and help" provided.
On 24. February 2011 new links in the category Funparks.
On 29. January 2011 more links in the category Businesses Pages.
On 26. December 2010 new pictures in the category macros.
On 01. December 2010 conversion of the galleries and new pictures.
On 18. November 2010 addition in video-clips.

Halloween 2010, Josch66 placed completely new arranged in the www.

On 13. July 2010 in the column "Links" the category "Take part and help" provided.
On 18. May 2010 actualizing of the column "Current".
On 08. March 2010 additions in video-clips.
From May to December 2009 I made some changes in texts and pictures.
On 24. February 2009 there are the pictures of carnival in Goch to see for you.
On 15. February 2009 "Josch' s Toplist" goes to the start - to find in "links".
On 15. January 2009 it gives with "My sides/in own matter" the menu option "To this topic must be something said".
On 10. November 2008 the halloweenpictures appeared. To find in the galleries cellars & parties.
On 03. August 2008 I insert some fotos from my village Hassum.
On 29. Mai 2008 I extended the gallery ( new kategories and fotos ).
On 30.April 2008 a new counter in "Current" started its work.

At the beginning of 2008, started completely new arranged.

On 25. Mai 2007 I made some changes here and there.
On 10. December 2006 I made a new navigation.
On 24.October 2006 I created a new guestbook ( the old one was not able to show html )
On 27.August 2006 a change at the friends and membersip in "The Garden of Friendship".
On 07. August 2006 a change in 'home', 'friends' and 'webmaster'.
On 21. July 2006 Josch's homepage appeared in English.
On 20. July 2006 the ' Guestmap ' and the side for ' Awards ' were added.
On 15. June 2006 here and there something was changed. For example nozzle has its first appearance.
On 19. February 2006 the pictures of my 40-th.
On 17. February 2006 new pictures from Bolsterlang.
On 05. February 2006 new pictures fuer's Potpourri.
On 03. February 2006 the first Bolsterlang - photos.
On 05. January 2006 the party became - AREA changes.
On 30. November the party became - AREA opens.
On 31. October 2005 all something was combed. Under "contact" there is a forum now.
At the 01.August 2005 - general overhaul.
On 18. February 2005 new pictures were added.
On 17. August 2004 under "pictures" the coat of arms of my family was added.
On 02. June 2004 those became menu - border a little changes.
On 15. April 2004 I still inserted a few pictures.
On 28. January 2004 I added few pages on a Gifs.
On 18. January 2004 new pictures were added.
On 09. December 2003 the "Josch" was replaced - Logo and the guest book.
On 30. October 2003 our Gina little more text got.

On 11 November 2002:

Josch`s first homepage was published.


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