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... is the contraction of "pump nozzle" ( Pumpe-Düse ), is nothing else than a turbo-Diesel, it's our new one and after 13 years faithful service, it replaced our uncle Benz (snif).


With a tear in the button hole, we wish the unknown east European man lot of fun with our Uncle Benz.

Uncle Benz

Do the Lalla

Here in memory of a great time:

Mercedes Benz, W124, 136 PS, year of construction March 1990.

Odometer reading until February 2006: 622.500 km ( thus straight only brought in ) and runs and runs...

Maintained it stood for Top always there, did not fulfill because of the HiFi - plant any longer to 100% the load characteristics of a combination, however, made much fun.

For this fun in the tail two skirt away Fosgate with a diameter of 30 centimeters and in the two front doors in each case two MoCom provided - edition with a diameter of 16 centimeters. The door panels were made in affectionate manual work and covered with leather. Five speaker from 'Boston pro Acoustics' were built dezent in the instrument panel. A horror was the assembly of a speaker in the inside mirror. In the Font played still another two-way system from 'Rainbow'.

Propelled of amps from 'Soundstream Class A', 'Gold Phoenix' and 'Rockfort Fosgate', the music plant spoiled the ears with supple HiFidelity; could go, even if it then were gladly times desired, violently to the thing. Here already times a sound pressure was then reached, which was in for instance about 145 dB!

The whole thing was realized of the company 'MoCom' from Voerde, now Carmediaconcept in Dinslaken.


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