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Everyone knows them and each owner of a homepage has them.


I like that, I like to read them and if a homepage pleased me, I sign in. If not, nevertheless I write in something! Then it can be also somewhat neutral. If I have to criticize something at a side, I write a nice mail to the owner, so that he gets a feedback to his side.

That is the point!

To write nothing and simply click away I find completely stupid! Everyone is pleased about an entry in a guestbook and at most, if it comes from God knows where in the world.

A simple "Hallo". Is that too much required? I don't think so!

Who writes today an entry into a guestbook, should before also once the sides, which were provided with much patience, fantasy and love, once more exactly regard.

Why I am on this side?
Because I want to. I hope so. Nobody forced me.

I experience it again and again: It is written something in the guestbook and you notices immediately, that the visitor did not regard the sides exactly at all. I have nothing against a small text, which one is copied and used on several sides, but he should be meant honestly .

If you see then, that the visitor swarms in a beautiful long text from your side but my statistics shows me: Regarded: 2 sides  /  duration of stopover: 2Min.25Sek. there - then there is someting wrong.

This is not correct.

Therefore I demand:

No 08 / 15 contributions! More appreciation for Websites!

Thank you.


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