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Spare time & hobbies

Our largest and most beautiful hobby is naturally my small "goats" Gina and Talina.

Although - according to Wikipedia:

"A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one's leisure time."

Whether we can call thus Kids as hobby?

So far I did not omit a small spot snow, in order to drive on it with my ski. But the next skiholiday will be in January. Solong there are a few winter photos. Then is there still the beautiful craftwork at the house and in the garden. That makes so correctly good mood.

If the weather is beautiful, I fasten Inliner under the flatfeet, drive through the beautiful landscape and by my Gabi I see "Federball" from completely different point of view: Badminton. There are possibilities for all this here at the Niederrhein plentifully.

Very gladly I sit n front of my computer or deseam again my car.

And nevertheless you need times to swich off or: only have fun. For this, Gabi, my father and I extended the anyway already beautiful bar in the cellar by a cosy wine bar, in which with friends already some good droplet was destroyed.

Have you got appetite on a good droplet ?

Well, then hurry up into the cellar; there is the wine bar.


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