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Joachim Schick

Somtimes I also hear when I'm called Joachim.

I was born on 10 February 1966 in Duisburg-Hamborn. I grew up in Voerde and also went to school there. After high school I trained as a draftsman and subsequently, I made my qualifying for university entrance.

From then on, I worked as a builder of a general contractor  and since 1995 I am a certified construction engineer, always looking for new challenges.
A couple of years for the Alliance-Insurance as a relationship manager, then an independent commercial insurance for the Alliance and also currently Project manager of a marketing company. Very nice for me also was the parents-time, when I was there for my girls. You see now, my professional life is anything but detached.

The 25th January 2001 was probably one of the best days in my life: My daughter Gina was born. The apartment in Voerde was now a little too small and so we moved on 28 June 2001 to Xanten - Beek.

Family happiness in perfection: On 01. February 2008, Gina got a little sister!
We called her Talina and she already has her own page here.

Coincidence? Happiness? No idea, until now anyway mega genial! The world is colorful.

... and if you think, that you are not lucky in love ... just wait. I also had to become very old to know, how beautiful real love can be.

See ya, folks.


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