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Nona Schick


Everything began with the fact, that we unfortunately had to separate from our Lara. We like animals - the children anyway - and so it came, that we drove to the animalfarm to have a look for a new cat.

It was love at first sight as we entered the room. She has seen us, stretched her paw through the lattice and she looked in such a way as she wanted to say: " Hey, here am I! " For Gina the case was clear. Although we regarded then also other beautiful cats, but our resolution was certain fast:

" This one or none! "

Small head, long legs, very slim, tigerlook and four-colored. Simply beautifully. Nona is very playful, curious and from autumn 2007. The animalfarm called it affectionately " Heidi" , but that name was not applicable at all. A new name must be. That was not simple at all, arose however in such a way. If the cat did somewhat bad, Gina always called " NO! " and I always " NA! ". In addition came, two days we called her " Noname! ". In such a way we developed " NONA! ". Nona seems to like the name, too; she hears anyhow on it.

If someone can tell us, to which race Nona belongs , would that be very beautifully.


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