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Talina Schick


We proudly present: Talina - newest human increase of the small Family Schick.

24 January 2008 was calculated. "Oh sh.." we thought, "one day before Ginas birthday". Nevertheless, then it still took a little more time. It mostly comes differently than you think
... and with each day became it more excitingly.

On Thursday, the 31th January 2008 we drove at 8:00 o'clock in the morning to the St. Antonius hospital Kleve, where after some investigations at 11:00 o'clock the pregnancy was forced. It took time up to the next day. 13:00 o'clock: more "No one now leaves the birthstation any more" and then everything went unexpectedly very fast. It was 13:28 o'clock, when we were able to hold Talina in our arms.

A new chapter has begun for us.

Meanwhile Talina is seven years old, and keeps us completely busy.
At present she drives with her bike and her inliners like a hellrider. I do not know at all, why I have still a few kilos too much, with the whole running.

We hold you up to date.


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